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International Journal of Human Movement Science

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Policy Evolution and Value Transformation of China's eSports

Wang Xin , Sangho Lee , Okchul Hwang

15(2) 1-13, 2021

Physical, Psychological and Social Benefits of Participation in Youth Sports for Children Ages 9-12 Years

Illa R. Haley , Seung Ho Chang

15(2) 15-23, 2021

Perception of Hockey Violence on Prospective Customers: An Experimental Approach

Yong-chae Rhee , Jinwook Chung , Anna Pearson

15(2) 25-39, 2021

Analyzing Research Trends in Marine Sport Industry and Future Directions

Daehwan Kim , Jinjae Kim , Byungjae Min , Yunkyung Jeon , Huang Yihan

15(2) 41-55, 2021

Effect of Social Isolation and Sports Broadcast Viewing Type on Level of Depression

Hyun-woo Kim

15(2) 57-70, 2021

Exercise Training with Hormone Replacement Therapy Has No Synergistic Effect on the Improvement of Lean and Fat Mass in Postmenopausal Women: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Hee-jung Yoon , Rye-kyeong Kim , Nyeonju Kang , Young-min Park

15(2) 71-85, 2021

Biomechanical Analysis of the Knee Joint during Jump Landing of Genu Valgum Women

Kyoungkyu Jeon , Seji Ahn , Seo-yoon Jeong

15(2) 87-98, 2021

Influence of Pre-Season Physical Training Program for Korean Professional Soccer Referees on the Plasma Immune Markers

Gi-yeol Bang , Yun Seok Kang , Sukwon Kim , Chansol Hurr

15(1) 1-10, 2021

The Relationship between Stress, Self-Esteem and Learning Attitudes of Female Middle School Students

Jungtaek Shin

15(1) 11-18, 2021

A Critical Overview on the Characteristics of Early Korean Sociology of Sport

Seungyup Lim , Lars Dzikus , Keun-mo Lee , Hong-goo Lee

15(1) 19-32, 2021